DAY 45: Inside Out the movie

My psychologist suggested I should watch the movie ‘Inside Out’ because she said it’s pretty much written about me and my life. Interesting…

Anyway, it’s finally release on DVD so I sat down today with the family and watched it.

I loved the different feelings in her mind and the way they interact with her baby self, her child self and her older self. It’s a brilliant concept. I love how I can use this movie to talk to my son about his feelings (and maybe to my husband too).

Image by Ron Bailey at
Image by Ron Bailey at

But maybe I need to watch the movie again before I fully understand what the psychologist meant.

I know it has something to do with growing up. We often talk about how, prior to this year, I was still living a ‘child’s life’. Things had gone very smoothly in all aspects of my life, and even when things did go badly (homesickness, or when my dog died) I didn’t have the weight of responsibility that comes with being a grown up and also a parent.

This year, things haven’t gone well. But what we often talk about in our sessions is how I have finally experienced true life. The one with ups and downs and stress and sadness. Just like Riley in ‘Inside Out’ where she needed things to go badly before she would be able to start living a real, whole and grounded life.

And that’s what I’m seeing over and over. This year has given me the opportunity to see life from a different perspective.

In fact, it just might be a much better one.

xx Eloise

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