DAY 35: Complete stillness

I’ve started meditating regularly since I decided I needed to get my balance back. I went to a course at the local Tibetan Buddhist shrine and the other day I went to a meditation course at a yoga studio. They were quite different (the former focused on becoming a better person for the common good of man, and the latter was about how to use meditation to reach personal goals) but together they’ve opened my eyes to the significant benefits of stillness.

Image by Badr Naseem at
Image by Badr Naseem at

I particularly enjoy the longer meditations – 15 mins or more – where I can really immerse myself into the moment and let go of the thoughts and worries around me.

Today was particularly successful. I listened to a body awareness guided meditation on YouTube that went for 17 mins. I had a moment – maybe only for a minute – where my body was completely still. I feel like you could have balanced a pin on the tip of my nose and it wouldn’t have fallen.

Before the meditation my head was full of worries and immediately afterwards I felt calm and aware. It’s not about ignoring my worries, it’s about acknowledging them and accepting them. This is exactly the type of spiritual healing I had in mind when I made ‘spiritual health’ one of my areas of focus.

xx Eloise

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