DAY 15: Vitamin D

Yesterday I spent an hour at the beach. No, I wasn’t chasing a toddler around trying to keep a hat on his head. No, I wasn’t next to a friend hearing her worries about the world. No, I wasn’t with my husband who was keen to get home to wash the car.

I was completely by myself.

Image by David Cobbin at
Image by David Cobbin at

And it was fantastic.

It’s been so long since I’ve watched a seagull trot along the sand. Sitting on a beach like that is something I wouldn’t have done for almost 10 years. I felt the sand between my toes and I got to relax.

Up until yesterday I was never keen to go to the beach. The thoughts of heat and sand always seemed too much of a hassle. But since then my mind keeps drawing me back there.

A bit of Vitamin D was just what the doctor ordered.

xx Eloise


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