DAY 3: Love thy neighbour

With ‘social health’ as one of the things I want to improve to get my balance back, I have started to look for opportunities to do this.

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk. We’ve lived here for just over a month and I’ve said hello to most of the neighbours but haven’t really got to know them. So when I saw the old couple across the road wave to me, I went against my initial instinct (to wave back and keep walking) and crossed the road over to them to chat.

Image by Dean Hochman at
Image by Dean Hochman at

I learned so much. I learned about our street in the 1950s. I learned about the people who owned our own house for fifty years. I learned about how sad it was when the man died. I reflected on the circle of life and how that would be us one day.

But most of all, I learned that I need to stop and chat more often.

xx Eloise


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